There is a charming place, just 4 minutes away from the blue mediterranean, different from the ordinary ,fully decorated with local trees and flowers-the natural protection from the hot cretan sun.Paul-Marie is a family hotel that looks like more with a small picturesque village which clearly exudes aroma of Greece.

Starting the day with our traditional Cretan breakfast, you have the chance later to select food and beverages from our menu, consisting of dishes made with ingredients from our garden. Our restaurant is waiting for you later and dinner will be one of your daily highlights. Our menu buffet, selected every day (depending on the season) offers you many choices of homemade food cooked in the traditional way.

Last but not least, do not forget to ask us about every aspect of your trip. We are more than happy to suggest the best ways to spend your time.


The journey began in the middle of the previous century when two neighboring olive groves was the reason that Paul and Marie met each other , fell in love and got married. These olive groves , among with others, strengthened their olive oil and agricultural production on the whole island

Today, between those fields stands the Paul-Marie hotel, which is now run by Paul and Marie, their grandchildren.


No matter how many years go by
The value of giving,the emphasis on the human factor and on the concept of the real warm hospitality will always form the backbone of Paul-Marie’s philosophy


Rooms include:

  • Air condition (extra charge)
  • Safe box (extra charge)
  • Kitchen 
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Shower
  • Balcony with view